The DCG Network

Noah Alper

Experience / Accomplishments
Noah Alper founded of Noah's Bagels, a large bagel chain on the West Coast. Starting with one store, the business has grown into a NASDAQ-listed offering. Noah has also founded 5 more businesses while working as a motivational speaker and non-profit management executive. He has been a guest lecturer at the Kellogg School of Business at Northwestern University, the Haas School of Business at the University of California and at the School of Business at Golden Gate University.

Contribution to DCG
Noah brings countless ideas for start-ups and expertise when it comes to small business strategies. He has the expertise to recognize a great idea, and then develop it into a business, that is ready to grow and produce. He has worked in retailing, marketing, food service and sales management. He is an ideal resource for planning business strategies, and coaching executives.

Roy J. Blitzer

Experience / Accomplishments
Roy is an Executive and Management consultant. He has over 28 years experience in human resources as a business management professional. Roy earned his MBA in Organizational Behavior from UC Berkeley and is an adjunct faculty member at USF, San Jose State University and Menlo College. He has authored two books, “Office Smarts” and “Find The Bathroom First.” Roy also hosts and produces his own television show called, “Ask Dr. Business.” He speaks frequently at professional conferences nationwide.

Contribution to DCG
Roy brings solid professional skills is Career Coaching and and Executive Coaching. He is dedicated to showing others how to live a successful and happy life where work and other life stay balanced for both individual and teams.

Hanley Brite

Experience / Accomplishments
Hanley has over 30 years experience as an executive, business leader and advisor for organizations achieving their business success through focused and principled leadership. Hanley’s strengths include effective decisions, authentic communication and strategic action. He founded Authentic Connections, Inc., a training and mentoring company specializing in Leadership and Change mastery.

Contribution to DCG:
Hanley has a proven record thanks to his solid business principles, organization and development strategies. Hanley’s knowledge and mastery of Change Management has earned him recognition as an expert in the areas of organizational transformation and sustainable change.

Barbara Freet

Barbara has spent over 22 years in the Human Resources Field. Barbara founded and is the CEO/President of Human Resource Advisors, a leading human resource management consulting firm that continues to serve the private sector. Barbara has served on various professional boards and has been both a guest lecturer as well as a sought after speaker on various human resource management issues for various professional organizations.

Contributions to DCG
Barbara brings to the Network an expertise in creating human resource infrastructures for new companies, introducing best practices to increase effectiveness for established organizations and/or assisting companies with specific areas of concern. Her experience and expertise includes compensation strategies and pay surveys, performance management, employee/labor relations, conflict resolution, policy development, best practices studies, and HR change management strategies to increase organizational effectiveness and performance. She has years of experience both on and serving various Boards, Councils, and advisory groups on various organizational issues.